Top 5 Energy Technology Solution Companies in UK - 2019
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Top 5 Energy Technology Solution Companies in UK - 2019

According to the reports of the EU Energy and Environment Sub-committee, the energy industry of the UK post Brexit may be more vulnerable to energy shortage. This puts the UK under tremendous pressure to become self-sufficient on the energy front. To that end, the energy industry of the UK has embraced new-age technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize the value of renewable energy such as solar. Driven by cutting-edge machine learning (ML) algorithms, AI has the ability to identify climatic patterns based on both live and historical weather data. It processes a huge amount of data with faster and better computing for enhanced weather forecasting. As a result, energy bills and carbon emissions can be lowered to a considerable extent. Also, with the energy systems worldwide continuing to decarbonize and decentralize, there has emerged an increasing demand to manage and predict the distributed constituents of renewable, EVs, and battery storage. AI becomes essential in managing these aspects.

Simultaneously, as the UK retail electricity prices have increased in recent years, the energy tech world has introduced blockchain-enabled transactional digital platforms that can bring down the operational costs for the industry players. Blockchain supports increased efficiency, transparency, fast and automated processes, which can lead to a decrease in capital requirements for all the energy firms.

In this edition of Energy CIO Insights, we bring the annual list of Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Providers in the UK. We hope this issue helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to drive success.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Providers in UK - 2019.”

    Top Energy Technology Solution Companies in UK

  • Erda is an energy solutions company that helps businesses dramatically reduce energy consumption, utility costs and carbon impact. Using advanced technologies that leverage the stability of the earth’s temperature, our energy solutions increase efficiency immediately, eliminating waste and reducing energy use by up to 70%. For buildings, campuses and entire cities, Erda’s proven technologies have the power to change the way we think about energy use



    BBOXX designs, manufactures, and distributes plug and play solar systems to enhance access to energy throughout Africa. BBOXX is generating impact by improving customers’ quality of life through the provision of affordable, clean, and reliable energy solutions. Today, the business offers pay-as-you-go solar power, and it aims to expand rapidly to provide other modern utility services, such as cooking, internet access, and water. Additionally, the company focuses on providing access to the fundamental need for access to electricity combined with superior customer service. BBOXX is also continually searching and realizing innovative solutions to offer the best value services to its customers

  • Origami


    Origami provides software solutions through its technology platform, to help energy companies thrive amid more complex and volatile energy markets. Energy companies use the business’s platform to increase the value created from anything that uses, stores, or generates electricity—automatically and in real-time. The platform brings together real-time data from physical assets and commercial markets to unlock new value and accelerate the transition to a cleaner, more reliable, and efficient global energy system. Some of the key offerings of Origami include demand-side response, flexibility services, asset management, smart grid, renewables balancing, system balancing, constraint management, optimized energy trading, energy storage, energy optimization, platform development, and platform as a service

  • Pivot Power

    Pivot Power

    Established in 2018, Pivot Power is developing the transmission-connected battery storage and electric vehicle charging network. Pivot Power’s mission is to accelerate the transition to lower carbon electricity and transport the future by developing, funding, and operating large battery storage projects connected directly to the transmission system and providing the electricity capacity for large-scale electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Pivot Power offers high voltage connections with guaranteed future capacity and price certainty. Its unique approach allows EV charge point operators, motorway service areas, bus companies, fleet depots, local authorities, and others to plan their charging infrastructure investments with confidence

  • Touch Stone Energy

    Touch Stone Energy

    TouchstoneEnergy is a leading provider of business systems dedicated to the global energy sector. The business has software applications for every role in the enterprise, from accounting and finance to procurement and asset management, business intelligence, financial planning, and business process management. Upstream oil and gas exploration and production, renewable energy, mining & production, downstream trading, finance & accounting, eProcurement & contract management, management reporting & business intelligence, asset management, business process management, Maximo, Infor 10, SunSystems, finance systems, Proactis, Infor EAM, oilfield services, procurement, and time writing are some of the solutions provided by TouchstoneEnergy