Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2019
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Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Companies in Europe - 2019

Constant climate changes have made a dramatic impact on planet Earth. Alarmed by the rising climate issues, the energy tech industry in Europe is carrying out various initiatives to increase the use of renewable energy. To combat global warming, many organizations have already developed affordable renewable energy solutions. Technology innovators are exploring the value of artificial intelligence (AI) to thwart the damage caused to the environment due to climate change. For instance, AI-infused robots are being used extensively in research laboratories to build solutions that can inspect, maintain, and repair offshore energy installations.

Many European organizations are promoting the efficient use of smart grids and microgrids for holistic energy needs. With effective technologies, power grid operators can manage distribution grids reliably, safely, and optimally. A number of energy tech solution providers in the continent have been striving to meet the growing demands of the market in terms of energy and environment safety.

In this edition of Energy CIO Insights, we bring to you top energy tech companies that are bringing a fresh perspective to the industry through their cutting edge solutions. We hope this issue of Energy CIO Insights helps you build the partnership you and your firm need to meet your goals.

We present to you Energy CIO Insights’ “Top 10 Energy Technology Solution Providers in Europe-2019.”

    Top Energy Technology Solution Companies in Europe

  • Germany-based envelio offers its SaaS-based intelligent grid platform (IGP), which is powered by the company’s proprietary advanced analytics algorithms to improve smart grid data quality and enable rapid creation of digital grid models. IGP completely integrates with smart grid technologies in grid planning and operation to enable faster and more cost-effective system integration for renewable energy farms. Dr. Koopmann, along with four other PhD scholars founded envelio in 2017. With a vision to create an innovative digitalisation platform for energy grids, the quintet combined their software development expertise with their domain know-how to develop IGP

  • Founded in 2012, FUELSAVE GmbH develops and promotes innovative and efficient solutions that optimize resources, investments, and operational profits by significantly reducing energy consumption and emissions, while increasing the overall efficiency of the systems. FUELSAVE products enhance the energy balance and increase the efficiency of the whole system, from a truck, ship, industrial engine/plant to the power and heat provision of households. FUELSAVE specializes in designing, development, testing, and deployment of efficiency technology by acting as an innovator and solution provider to real-life challenges and problems in various industries

  • An independent software company that empowers energy suppliers to enjoy a higher yield for their energy surplus and reap the benefits of overproduction. One of the top Energy Technology Solution Providers in Europe, Jules Energy offers a revolutionary, cloud-based platform that allows energy suppliers to execute flexible contracts not only with their consuming customers but also with ones that possess generation assets and demand response assets. In the form of a mutually-beneficial contract that binds the energy usage of customers and digitally documents the energy purchased from the customers, Jules Energy helps suppliers overcome the pain of fluctuating energy rates

  • Denmark-based Resen Waves offers affordable wave energy buoys that can power marine instruments and machinery, unmanned nautical remote operations, and offshore oil and gas installations. The company’s wave energy product consists of a battery pack on the seabed, which is connected to the buoy through a mooring line that is wrapped around the cylinder. When the buoy is placed in the sea, the waves pushed the buoy for the and back and up and down which makes the mooring line to wind and unwind, thereby generating energy. This power is then fed to the battery pack to power instruments and machinery, unmanned remote operations, offshore oil and gas installations, among others

  • Offers its Venios Energy Platform (VEP) and consulting services capable of analysing, planning, forecasting, monitoring, and controlling the conditions of power grid infrastructure, specifically for the low and medium voltage ranges. VEP delivers key benefits such as grid monitoring, platform control, analytics, and asset optimisation. Whether it is a DSO, a utility, or an enterprise, the ultimate gain remains the same. Through VEP, clients can optimise their CAPEX and OPEX, reduce their re-dispatch costs while maintaining grid stability, expand their grids, and design scenarios for future grids—a functional currently hindered by regulatory restrictions

  • Bouygues Energies & Services

    Bouygues Energies & Services

    Founded by Francis Bouygues in 1952, Bouygues is a diversified industrial group with an influential corporate culture. Its businesses focus on three sectors: construction, with Bouygues Construction (building, civil works, energy, and services), Bouygues Immobilier (property), and Colas (roads), telecoms with Bouygues Telecom and media with TF1. Bouygues is a public company which offers Groupe industriel diversifié, Construction avec Bouygues Construction (BTP et Energies & Services), Bouygues Immobilier et Colas (Routes), and Télécoms-Médias avec TF1 et Bouygues Telecom. Across the world, the company is committed day in, day out to designing, building, maintaining and operating infrastructure, buildings, and industrial facilities

  • i EM

    i EM

    i-EM was born in 2005 in Livorno, and it was founded has an S.r.l. in 2012. The company is built on the will of enabling energy actors, including end-users, to make the best decision in any circumstance. i-EM stands as a big data advanced analysis innovation company with the aim to meet the emerging demand for intelligent management of Energy Smart & Micro Grids, providing tools to make optimal and smart decisions. Since 2005, the company has been developing energy management solutions for renewable energy projects, letting Smart Grid’s behavior and its elements be manageable and predictable in various areas



    Initially founded in 1963 as an engineering firm, KISTERS is today a medium-sized company that develops software for the sustainable management of energy, water, and air resources, environmental protection and safety, logistics, monitoring, and 3D viewing. The business unit hardware of KISTERS AG offers large-format printers (2D and 3D), scanners, and much more. The company is also still active in the area of engineering services. KISTERS is very much in-demand as a solutions partner due to its expertise, operational experience, and industry knowledge. It is headquartered in Aachen, Germany, and has numerous offices in Germany and subsidiaries in Europe, North America, Australia, and Asia



    Limón is the solution provider for energy and production. They have been the market leader since 2007 when it comes to increasing energy efficiency, saving emissions, and reducing energy costs. In more than 1,800 projects, Limón has supported over 800 industrial and commercial companies worldwide so that they use as little energy as they need. Limón has been one of the best solution providers for energy efficiency measures in the industrial environment for more than ten years. The company delivers innovative solutions to increase energy efficiency. Their holistic solutions help companies to reduce energy consumption in the long term, to fulfill social responsibility and environmental demands

  • SENS


    STEAG Solar Energy Solutions GmbH - brand name SENS - (formerly GILDEMEISTER energy solutions) is a global service provider in the field of renewable energies headquartered in Wuerzburg. With more than 8,000 installations in around 40 countries, they have substantial industry experience, especially in the photovoltaic sector. As an attractive employer in Wuerzburg, SENS offers a vast variety of career opportunities in an international, growth-driven environment. From the development and turnkey construction of large utility-scale PV systems (utility-scale), through maintenance and operations management (Energy Services) to the creation and implementation of integrated energy solutions for commercial and industrial use (Energy Systems) as well as the optimization of your energy needs (Energy Efficiency ) STEAG offer all the services